The Diamond DA62 moves more passengers and equipment further and
faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel
efficiency, luxury and twin-engine security.


Space. Performance. Efficiency. Luxury.
The Ultimate Flying Machine.

Diamond DA62

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For the first time, Diamond is straying from their All White approach to aircraft paint. This is due to the fact that they developed a new epoxy resin system that allows for higher skin temperatures so they can now have darker color choices that can withstand higher uv absorption.


Superior design, excellent styling and beautiful color combinations to select from.

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Diamond DA62



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The Diamond DA62 is a five to seven seat, twin-engined light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries and first announced in March 2012. The prototype, designated as the DA52, first flew on 3 April 2012 after six months of development.
In flying the prototype from Diamond’s Wiener Neustadt plant to the AERO Friedrichshafen 2012 show the aircraft achieved 16.6 mpg fuel efficiency, the result of improvements in cooling drag and aerodynamic drag made during its development. The company originally intended to have the aircraft available for sale in July 2013 and expected to offer fly-by-wire controls as an option by 2014, but development was delayed and those dates were not met.
The DA62 was EASA-certified on 16 April 2015. American Federal Aviation Administration certification was received on 23 February 2016. The FAA certification came ten months after the EASA certification.