It’s About You & The LifeStyle You Deserve

Lifestyle Aviation is in the business of helping people transform their lives through achieving a productive modern “Aviation LifeStyle”. We empower our clients to achieve their personal and professional life goals through access to modern training resources and modern aircraft access options including personal ownership, partnership, rental, leaseback, share and membership. Our modern aircraft listings includes Diamond, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Columbia, Mooney and Piper.

What makes us DIFFERENT includes:

  • “Aviation Counselors” help clients achieve their goals in the most economical way
  • Integrated Network of progressive training and service centers
  • Extensive inventory of high quality, modern “LifeStyle Aircraft”
  • Innovative ownership and creative access options
  • Turnkey financing, insurance, training and world-wide delivery
  • Upgrade planning and coordination
  • LifeStyle ongoing pilot development support

Time Flies… So Can YOU!

People everywhere are discovering the modern aviation lifestyle of freedom and potential.

Personal aviation in the 21st century is truly remarkable.  Today we have safe, modern aircraft that provide a “magic carpet” like experience delivering unprecedented personal mobility. We refer to our modern digital automated “LifeStyle Aircraft” as the “Google Self-driving Cars” of the sky. The potential for relaxed, enjoyable mobility and freedom abounds in this realm of our new technology. 

Avoid Risk & Inconvenience…

Airlines aren’t what they used to be. Years ago they seemed pleasant and enjoyable. Now the words annoying, risky, uncomfortable and inconvenient seem more fitting.

Imagine the safety and convenience in your own personal aircraft.

No more security lines, ticket reservation hassles, endless fees (change fees, ticketing fees, baggage fees, etc.), layovers, TSA pat downs, X-Ray Scanners, taking your shoes, belts and jackets off, confiscation of your pocket knives, fingernail clippers and shampoo, sitting in cramped middle seats, worrying about potential viruses, the guy sneezing beside you in re-circulated air, fear of terrorist threats, racing to meet flight schedules only to wait hours at the gate.  No more missed and canceled flights, running between gates to make tight connections, taking shuttles and driving hours after you land to reach your final destination.  The list goes on and on…

None of these exist in the personal modern aviation realm.

Enjoy The Freedom & LifeStyle You Deserve

The motivation for some is the pure joy of flying and for others, it is the potential for effortless, effective mobility.  Whatever your aspirations, we are here to help you achieve your dreams and goals with our unique approach that helps our clients achieve LifeStyle success in the most intelligent and economical way.

Enjoy being in control of going when you want and where you want without the TSA security lines. Experience the beauty of our world from a new, flexible vantage point, flying direct to your destinations and landing at the closest airport. Turn long drives into pleasant hops and turn inefficient airline “layovers” into multi-stop productivity packed business results or family memories. All of this is completely available to you.

Life is short.

There is a way to live that is abundantly more satisfying, enjoying the wonder of flight and the freedom of modern aircraft mobility. Come discover LifeStyle Aviation and we will will help you turn dreams into reality.

Diamond DA62

The LifeStyle Aviation Difference

LifeStyle Aviation is unique.  We are an entire team of like-minded professionals and companies that have the passion of helping you achieve your aviation dreams. Whether its learning to fly, gaining access to one of our innovative ownership options, or acquiring your own aircraft we have the ability to create your ideal experience.

Ready To Begin Your New LifeStyle?

Modern Aircraft

What are you waiting for?  Contact us now to take the first step towards realizing your dreams.

LifeStyle Aircraft

Discover the potential of modern aviation technology and how it will impact your life and lifestyle. Our modern aircraft are more like “magic carpets” than airplanes. We call these transformational vehicles “LifeStyle Aircraft”. We invite you to explore the machines, the training and the support that can take you to a “new plane”.


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Flight School Network

Our LifeStyle Aircraft Flight Training Center Network are forward looking flight centers dedicated to providing an exceptional modern flight training experience. They offer digital modern aircraft, motion simulation, online training and personalized executive services to provide .  Learn more and find a center near you.


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DiamondShare Program

The DiamondShare Program provides aircraft buyers with an entirely new set of economics. Combining personal ownership with quality modern aircraft and with unbeatable economic and tax advantages, DiamondShare makes justifying your dream plane very easy.   Explore and see if ownership or membership is best for you.


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Diamond Distributor

LIfeStyle Aviation is a Diamond Aircraft Regional Distribution Center. We offer the full line of New and used Diamond Aircraft along with Flight Center Development support programs and Parts Distribution.  Explore the potential of Diamond today for your flight center business or as your personal or business aircraft.


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