The Diamond DA40 NG. Whether you are a new aviator looking for
the perfect first airplane. An experienced IFR pilot with discerning tastes.
A forward thinking flight school. The DA40 NG is the smart choice.
Durable composite airframe. Ultra low fuel burn. Superb
handling. The DA40 NG is a great airplane for travel,
leaseback, and training alike.


Diamond DA40 NG


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Diamond Aircraft is very pleased to announce that it has received EASA VFR/IFR certification for its DA40 NG, powered by Austro Engine’s 170 hp AE-300 turbo-diesel powerplant.
“We are committed to the future of piston powered flight, specifically by pursuing a socially responsible strategy,” said Diamond Aircraft CEO Christian Dries at AERO 2010 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. “Diamond’s single and twin engine NG series aircraft are powered by the most modern piston aircraft engines in existence, operating on 100% lead-free fuel, and offering the very lowest exhaust emissions, lowest specific fuel consumption and lowest noise emissions. Not only are our airplanes the “greenest”, they also combine Diamond’s industry-leading safety record with exciting performance and economy. I am very proud that my team has been able to achieve type certifications of the Austro Engine AE300, the DA42 NG and now the DA40 NG, all within the last 18 months. These programs have required extraordinary effort and financial commitment, an investment that ensures the viability of our product line, well into the future.”
The DA40 NG offers all round improved performance and increased useful load over its predecessor, the DA40 TDI. It joins the previously certified DA42 NG twin to create the only jet-fuel powered piston fleet. DA40 NGs are already in production and initial deliveries will commence in the very near future. With well over 1500 delivered aircraft operating worldwide, the DA40 is the best selling composite light single engine piston aircraft of the last decade, popular with private pilots and commercial flight training organizations alike.