Have you ever been stuck on an airliner with endless delays or deadlocked on the “freeway” just wishing for a better way to travel?

Many folks don’t know about the tremendous advantages of private personal flying over driving or taking the airliners. They simply have not experienced the freedom, convenience  and savings it represents so they “just don’t know.” They think it’s only for the rich and famous and this is an unfortunate misperception. Our modern safe aircraft are like “self-driving Google cars” that can move us magically and efficiently with so many advantages. Consider this partial list of advantages.

Personal Air Travel…the Smart Way to Go

  • Go when you want – No more living by the airline schedule or trying to avoid rush hour
  • Go where you want  – No more layovers and getting to your destination so you can then drive another hour
  • Take what you want – No more security checks to take your pocket knife, nail clippers or shampoo
  • Take what you want really – Take food for thanksgiving, drinks, a cooler or even your licensed firearm
  • It’s Private – That means where you go and what you do is your business
  • It’s Fast – Private aircraft often get you to your destination quicker than an airline because you don’t waste time in security lines, forced to show up early or waiting for connecting flights. Once you enjoy the speed and convenience you’ll be hooked.
  • Its Direct – Fly direct to where you want to go  and avoid flying somewhere just so you can have a “connecting flight”.
  • Leave when you are ready – This can be a huge advantage especially for business. Leave when the job is done.
  • Take the Family or your business associates – Airlines seem reasonable until you have to pay by the seat for each person.
  • Take the Dog – If your dog rides in the car he/she will fly the same. They make mutt-muffs for their ears.
  • Enjoy the ride – Enjoy no stress pleasant cruising on autopilot.
  • Use your mobile devices – There are no regulations that require you to turn off your devices.
  • No starting and stopping – Auto travel is filled with peril, namely the constant change of freeway speed collisions that require constant vigilance that lead to fatigue.
  • Enjoy the sights – Flying provides a magical view of the scenery along the way.
  • Let someone else “drive” – Did you know you don’t have to be a pilot to own a plane? Enjoy having a pilot fly you and learn on your own schedule to fly if you want to.
  • Make memories – You’ll enjoy getting there as much or more than being there!
  • Do More – Stop wasting your life trying to use cars and airlines to live your life.
  • Enjoy More – ..Step in to the realm of the modern magic carpet and create a truly rewarding lifestyle.
  • Flying Opens up the world – Fly to interesting places that are hard to reach by car or airliner like the Bahamas, Nantucket, Key West, Catalina Island, Mackinac Island and more.

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