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Sports Car of the Sky

Imagine taking the ultimate 2 seat sports car and adding wings. That is the feeling you get when you take off to the skies in the DA20, whether travelling or training. The advanced composite design and the modern cockpit of the DA20 make it an exciting airplane to fly. Its agility and superb performance guarantee a smile on your face.


Exceptional visibility

Due to the low wing, bubble canopy and a low glareshield, the Katana provides you with unmatched panoramic views. Ground and the wings all stay visible throughout every maneuver. Adding incomparable flying stability, low operating costs and the sleek and modern look the Katana makes one fun airplane for flight students, private operators or flight clubs.

The joy of night flying

Fly by night and enjoy the skyline! The DA20 is EASA certified for Night VFR (Night Visual Flight Rules). Whether you are a pilot holding a Night VFR license or want to obtain it, keep an eye out for this aircraft.

Sports Car of the Sky

Walking up to a DA20, you know this is no ordinary airplane. With a fighter-like canopy, responsive center-stick controls and comfortable bucket seats, it’s clear this airplane will put a smile on your face. And it should – it’s pleased some of the toughest customers in the world, like the United States Air Force.

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Engine TCM IO-240-B3B
Horsepower 125 hp
Propeller Sensenich 2-blade fixed pitch
Airworthiness category Utility, spin certified
Length 23 ft 6 in
Height 7 ft 2 in
Wing Span 35 ft 8 in
Maximum takeoff weight 1,764 lbs
Useful load 600 lbs*
Fuel capacity, usable 24.0 gal
Fuel AVGAS 100LL
Takeoff distance, ground roll 1,280 ft
Takeoff distance, 50-foot obstacle 1,640 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 661 ft
Landing distance, 50-foot obstacle 1,360 ft
Rate of climb, sea level 1,000 ft/min
Maximum demo operating altitude 13,120 ft
Cruise speed at 75% 138 ktas/5.5 gal/hr
Stall speed, full flaps 45 kcas
Maximum demonstrated crosswind 20 kts
Range, 30 minute reserve 547 nm