Learn how easy it is to own an aircraft.

LIfeStyle Aviation helps our clients find the ideal way to structure their aircraft purchase and ownership. The way one buys and structures the ownership of an aircraft is the most important factor affecting the overall economics. We take time to understand each client’s needs to help them determine the ideal fit. Many times we introduce buyers to ways to go about the process that they did not know even existed. Here are five categories of special approaches we use that can be evaluated in each case.

Introducing DiamondShare™

DiamondShare™ was inspired and created to provide all pilots an affordable option to have ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams and goals. Our Secret is Sharing. The idea is simple and the implementation is brilliant. By pooling your interest via the DiamondShare™ Share & Save program with up to three other parties you can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership while enhancing your overall aircraft ownership experience.

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Welcome to GlassPilot.com

GlassPilot.com is intended to help pilots and aspiring pilots be exposed and educated to the value, potential, safety, and comfort these advancements bring while providing access to the evolving tools, training options and support available to help them enjoy the full advantages of flying “glass”.

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LifeStyleAircraft.com Marketplace

LifeStyleAircraft.com is a unique and highly productive online resource for buyers and sellers of modern glass general aviation aircraft. This marketplace specializes in modern new and used airplanes featuring composite “glass” airframes or computerized “glass panel” cockpits. By combining the specialization in modern general aviation aircraft with a broad network of highly experienced and knowledgeable aircraft brokers across the country, LifeStyleAircraft.com provides you the airplane shopper a valuable resource for finding the ideal plane for your needs and the ideal sales tool for listing your aircraft when its time to sell.

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