New York DA40 Style

Many of our clients have personal or business interests in New York City and they like to use their planes to provide easy access in and out. About a three hour flight distance in the capable DA40 aircraft provides easy access from North Carolina,  Maine and as far as Michigan.  Flying over New York City…

DA40 for Sale

Video: DA40 XLS Premier Edition

Our beloved Diamond DA40 featured in this video along with our LifeStyle Network Partner Premier Aircraft Sales.   Lifestyle Aviation ( is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, aircraft brokers, affiliates…

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Diamond Flyers Descend on Washington DC

  Diamond Flyers from various parts of the East Coast descended on Washington DC recently to enjoy one of our nation’s most prized jewels of the aviation industry… the National Air & Space Museum for a private guided tour. The Stephen L. Udvar Hazy National Air & Space Museum is located adjacent to the Dulles…


Selecting a prop for your DA40

In helping our clients determine the best model DA40 to fit there needs we focus on many elements. The prop selection is one of the elements that we discuss and there are numerous things to know. We’ve developed a comparison chart and can guide prospective owners through what they should know about these choices. If…

Fly Fishing

“Fly Fishing” is Fun!

Many folks get involved in aviation looking for a way to get to business and pleasure destinations faster. The coast of North Carolina with its paradise called the “Outer Banks” represents a sportsman’s nirvana.


CTI Professional Flight Training Selects Diamond Aircraft

  CTI Professional Flight Training has announced a major purchase agreement with Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. CTI Professional Flight Training selected the Diamond DA20-C1 as its primary trainer and the Austro Engine-powered DA42 as its complex, multi-engine trainer. Diamond Regional Distribution Centre Premier Aircraft Sales of Fort Lauderdale, Florida negotiated the agreement which includes training,…

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Fly-In Restaurant Receives Recognition

Best Fly-In Restaurants – Pik N Pig Receives Recognition Our friend and owner of Gilliam-McConnell Airport (5NC3), Roland Gilliam, let us know that the now famous Pik N Pig BBQ Restaurant located on the field has been acknowledged (again) as one of the best fly-in restaurants in the country by The $100 Hamburger website’s 2014…

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Video: The DA42-VI ultimate

Any one interested in a modern high utility aircraft should watch this extensive video that illustrates the unique capabilities of the Diamond DA42-VI.   Lifestyle Aviation ( is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that…

Please use this one Group Shot Council during tour of American Aviation

Flight Center Development Council Continues Market Expansion

Manassas, VA (March 4th, 2014) – An exclusive group of flight training school owners from multiple states along the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region met recently as Diamond Flight Center Development Council members to plan their further growth and market expansion. The group focused on their unique growth strategies, flight center best practices and utilization of…

DA42 for Sale

Video: Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps

Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps   Lifestyle Aviation ( is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, aircraft brokers, affiliates and international partners to create a productive, pooled source for buying…


Don’t miss the chance to acquire your dream plane and enjoy amazing 2013 tax savings

Many pilots don’t know this little secret…

The majority of rental aircraft they fly at their local flight schools are actually owned by pilot investors who placed the plane on “leaseback” with the school as an investment and potential tax savings strategy.

What is a Leaseback?

A leaseback is a common practice in the flight training business whereby an independent investor, typically a pilot or student pilot, acquires an aircraft and provides that aircraft for rental through their local flight school who acts as a marketing partner. This business arrangement has many advantages, some disadvantages and numerous things to know about regarding setup, tax savings, compliance and how to move to the next aircraft when the time comes. With all things considered it can be an ideal way for pilots that want to obtain all their ratings and do lots of flying with a very economically advantaged approach. Its not for everyone but if you have not explored the potential and you are considering or dreaming of aircraft ownership, you are trying to find a way to build lots of time, or you could really use some potential tax relief, this approach may be for you.

Why do pilots do this?

There are some very simple motivations that support the industry system of leasebacks for flight schools.

1.)  The pilot plans to do a lot of training or flying and they are motivated to reduce their cost of access to a plane.

2.) The pilot discovers the unique tax advantages of leasebacks and is motivated by the opportunity to reduce their taxable income while obtaining their aircraft while having others pay for it. This potential is extremely significant in many cases, especially in 2013.

3.) Often times they want to have access to a plane that is not available for rent in the local area. For example lets say the pilot is getting involved with aviation and has already decided he wants to fly a modern glass panel aircraft but there are not any at his local flight school. He buys one and leases it back thus getting the plane he


Plane & Pilot Diamond DA42 VI Review

This excellent DA42 VI review is of the new high performance version of Diamond’s jet fuel burning twin, the Diamond DA42-VI (aka the Version 6), was recently posted by Bill Cox of Plane&Pilot. Bill’s extensive experience provides a valuable perspective on this fully refined high tech twin. We hope you enjoy the read. Read the…

DA42 for sale

Video: DA42-VI…The Making of a Star

In May 2013 LifeStyle Aviation imported the first Diamond DA42-VI sold to the US. From the birthing of the aircraft in Austria, including the European Delivery Experience for the new owners Sue and Dave Passmore, to the ferry flight to the London Ontario plant for equipment additions, this plane was destined to be a star when…


The Power of Telepathy

“Oh Eight Three, Oh Eight Three” I repeated over and over, as a mantra, staring straight at the guy with the mic, “Oh Eight Three, Oh – Eight – Three.”

“And now, the drawing for the airplane ride,” the speaker crackled across the ramp, “The winning ticket number is “Oh Eight Three, Oh – Eight – Three.”

At a single bound, I was up from my chair and in one leap crossed the tarmac and held the ticket out, half expecting I had misread the number.

“That’s it!” the announcer confirmed, “And you’ve got your choice, the Diamond DA-40 or the Skyhawk.”

I had seen the new shiny Diamond DA-40 sitting on the ramp, with a constant stream of visitors walking around it, peering inside, marveling at its sleekness, at the tidy arrangement of the cockpit and cabin, at its smooth lines with ‘aerodynamic’ of the highest magnitude obvious in its appearance.

Even though my previously owned airplane was a Cessna 172, and that all my rentals at South Ramp had been their fleet of 172s, I was ready for something new.

“The Diamond,” I said, and went right over again, this time to take a careful look at what lay in store.


New Diamond Flight Center Development Council Kicks off East Coast Expansion

Following the inaugural meeting of the Diamond Flight Center Development Council, John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales, announced the expansion of the Diamond Flight Center (DFC) network in the eastern part of the United States.  Dominion is the Diamond Regional Distribution Center serving that area. Flight training schools from Kentucky, Connecticut, New Jersey, New…


Get your Zulu.2 Now and Receive a Gift!

We are delighted to bring you this great promotion for the purchase of our favorite headset, the LightSpeed Zulu.2. These premium noise canceling headsets are simply the best available AND the best value for money. Don’t miss this special offer. The unit offered includes Bluetooth connection so you can make or take calls, listen to…

Diamond DA40

Plane & Pilot Article: Diamond’s Family Star

Diamond’s Family Star Diamond’s innovative, four-place Star offers performance and efficiency beyond its price By Bill Cox, Photos By Jessica Ambats   Fixed-gear singles have assumed the mantle that once belonged to retractables. Back in general aviation’s modern heyday, the late ’70s and early ’80s, there were at least a dozen retractable models on the…

Destination, Paradise

Destination, Paradise: A Tropical Island Adventure

If your idea of heaven is flying off to your own tropical island then this adventure is for you!     This trip is within the realm of any general aviation pilot with a reliable aircraft. The destination is within 185NM’s of Fort Pierce Airport. Where: Fly to Marsh Harbor (MYAM) located on Abaco in…


Will the Top Seller Please Stand Up?

In the business of selling aircraft, manufacturers often massage statistics of safety and performance to put there aircraft in the best light and this is to be expected. Hard cold stats of units sold is hard to massage and twist into a different representation so we thought we’d do a simple analysis of comparable aircraft…

Plane and Pilot Magazine DA40

Plane & Pilot Magazine: Diamond DA40 XLS: Premier Edition

Plane & Pilot Magazine: Diamond DA40 XLS: Premier Edition Premier Aircraft of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has created its own ultra version of the Diamond DA40 XLS By Bill Cox, Photos By James Lawrence Those of us in the aviation press privileged to review new aircraft are sometimes taken to task for not being appropriately critical.…

Maine Harbor

Flying Destination: Bar Harbor Maine!

One of the most enjoyable things we get to do here at LifeStyle Aviation is actually use these wonderful airplanes we are always talking about and providing for sale and enjoy the aviation lifestyle. We search out special fly-in destinations and adventures to alert our readers so they can take full advantage of the lifestyle changing potential…

Diamond DA40 XLS

Coast-to-Coast in a DA40 with the G1000

Coast-to-Coast in the DA40 with the G1000 We are blessed to call so many great folks our friends, customers and supporters. Our friends Joey Richie and Matt Webb of Newport News VA just return from a great coast-to-coast flying adventure in their Diamond DA40 XLS with its G1000 panel and fuel sipping performance. This story…