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Diamond Aircraft Takes Off With ADS-B!

Diamond Aircraft Now Available With ADS-B! Foreword by John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of LifeStyle Aviation As more and more of our clients have been calling to ask about their ADS-B upgrade path we’ve been handing out “patience pills” encouraging our G1000 clients to wait to see what other developments come along before the 2020 mandate deadline.…

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Diamond To Build Seastar Composite Airframes in Canada

Flying Magazine Article: Diamond To Build Seastar Composite Airframes in Canada Dornier has struck a deal for its amphibious turbine-twin structures to be built by Diamond and shipped to its factory in Germany. By Stephen Pope Dornier Seawings has tapped the production resources available at Diamond Aircraft’s London, Ontario factory to produce the composite airframes…


Virginia Airborne Search and Rescue Squad Gala

VASARS: Virginia Airborne Search and Rescue Squad Annual Gala is May 14th 2016 You don’t want to miss VASARS Annual Gala! Enjoy a delicious dinner and dancing with entertainment by Prelude-The White House Band! Silent and Live Auction and much more…. Cocktails 6:00pm Dinner 7:00pm VASARS is a 501c(3) non-profit rescue squad Who: Virginia Airborne…

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Network Partner Events: FreeFlight Aviation’s Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School Class Starting Soon at our Network Partner, FreeFlight Aviation FreeFlight Aviation’s flight instructor, Shannon Wea’s Private Pilot Ground School will be starting Tuesday, January 26th at 6 PM. The class will be taught for 7 weeks, on Tuesday evenings, from 6 PM – 10 PM. Cost is $260.00.  FreeFlight has couple of open seats. If…

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Featured Aircraft: 2012 DA40 XLS N268DS

New Listing Now Available! LifeStyle Aviation is proud to introduce you to N268DS a pristine 2012 DA40 XLS aircraft. This one owner since new aircraft was used exclusively for business use with a professional pilot at the controls. It is simply superb. It has always been hangared and is like new. With only 200 some…

DA42 for Sale

Featured Aircraft: 2008 DA42 N121TS

Now Available! LifeStyle Aviation is proud to present N121TS a like new 2008 DA42. This one owner since new aircraft is simply superb. It has always been hangared and is like new. With only 200 hours total time and a fresh annual and updated clutches its ready to fly away and provide years of worry…

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Video: LifeStyle Aviation Flying Inspiration Video

This video captures some of the freedom and splendor of being able to fly oneself around. We hope you’ll enjoy viewing this and it will inspire you to join those who have discovered freedom, convenience and safe travel and enjoyment in modern aviation. The LifeStyle Aviation Network of modern flight training centers stands ready to…


ALERT! Aircraft Investment A Wise Tax Strategy Again

We alerted our client’s earlier this month about a tax bill in the works that would change the economics of aircraft acquisition before the end of the year…well the news broke last night… It’s “Game On”!   Congress to pass tax bill this week so Investment in an aircraft can now be a wise tax strategy…

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FLYING Magazine Article: We Fly: Diamond DA62

FLYING Magazine Article: We Fly: Diamond DA62 A new standard in light-twin design. By Stephen Pope Posted December 2, 2015 A case can be made that the twin-diesel DA62 from Austria’s Diamond Aircraft represents a new pinnacle in piston aircraft design. Its long list of positive attributes includes superb efficiency, quality construction, technological sophistication and…

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Avoid the risk and inconvenience of airline travel. New personal modern “Magic Carpet” creates “freedom break-through”

Let’s face it, airline travel is no fun anymore. In fact, it’s downright annoying.  All the security shenanigans, delays, layovers, crowded flights, change fees, snarly gate agents and limited destinations make the airliners something people just endure these days. Then comes the daily reports of terrorism which are enough to prompt any thoughtful frequent traveler to ask…

DA40NG tundra

Video: Diamond DA40NG Tundra

LifeStyle Aviation is proud to introduce you to the Diamond DA40NG Tundra Equipped with a special rough terrain landing gear, bigger wheels on the main and nose landing gears, an improved wheel base, new rims, as well as special reinforcements and tougher structures give you the safety to land almost anywhere. The DA40NG Tundra is equipped…

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Video: Diamond DA62

  Review all the DA62 News, see the specs and enjoy another video. See this test flight video. LifeStyle Aviation is offering a limited number of pre-order opportunities for the Diamond DA62. Parties interested in placing an order this year for delivery in February should contact us today. Email Sales@LifeStyleAviation.com to request a consultation. We encourage…

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LifeStyle Launches FREE Aircraft Delivery Sales Promotion

Year-End Sales Promotion Begins NOW! Who needs the crowds and bustle of Black Friday sales? Don’t miss our FREE DELIVERY promotion starting Nov. 23rd.  Buyers that contract a qualifying aircraft before December 15th will enjoy FREE Delivery! Our LifeStyle Aviation Network of Flight Centers are standing by to offer comprehensive training so you can be in the…


Diamond DA62 Upclose

Hello everyone, John Armstrong here providing you upclose insights into the Diamond DA62 from the Diamond stand at NBAA in Las Vegas. The beautiful DA62 just flew over from Austria for the show has drawn a very large crowd on the first day at the show. I had planned to take a large suite of…


Video: Diamond DA62 Flight Test

We will be providing you a detailed view of the Diamond DA62 from the NBAA show floor and want to share this test flight video to set the stage for this amazing aircraft. We will be offering the DA62 in a our DiamondShare program in metro areas and offering existing  customers an economical upgrade path to…

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Diamond DA62 Announcement

Diamond DA62 – 7 Seat Twin at NBAA 2015   Diamond Aircraft announced they will have the 7 Seat DA62 Twin At NBAA 2015 Nov17th – 19th.  The all new Diamond Aircraf DA62 fills a gap in the market that ranges from high performance single pistons to entry level turboprops. With a spacious cabin, offering optional…

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Follow LifeStyle Aviation on Twitter @LifeStyleFlyer

Follow LifeStyle Aviation on Twitter @LifeStyleFlyer You’ll find interesting posts about aviation events, news, destinations, modern aircraft for sale and aviation technology. Come join in!               Lifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is a US based aviation marketing organization that is in the business of helping people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation…

Cape May NJ

Destinations: Cape May NJ

Flying Destinations: Cape May, NJ Flying from KRDU, to KWWD in a Diamond DA40   LifeStyle Aviation loves sharing ways to enjoy the freedom of the aviation lifestyle.  Are you looking for a interesting off season beach trip?  With it’s rich history and wealth of victorian buildings, Cape May NJ is a beach town that…

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Video: N458DS 2012 Diamond DA40 XLS

N458DS: The Ultimate Premier Edition DA40 XLS! Includes SVT, WAAS, Digital Autopilot, Active Traffic with Luxury Interior and Cabin Cool Air-conditioning for Ultimate Comfort and Ease of Use. Click to see the spec sheet.   Lifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through…


Flying Magazine Article: Diamond Launches Hybrid-Electric Tiltrotor

Comments by LifeStyle Aviation Founder, John Armstrong The realm of “Modern Aviation” began in the late 1990’s when a few companies began creating all new 21st century designed aircraft.  Modern composite materials opened a whole new world of design possibilities.  However, this was during a time when the entire industry was virtually shut down in…

LifeStyle Aviation Features AutoLand System Info

Video: Diamond Debuts Autoland System

Diamond Aircraft has demonstrated a fly-by-wire autoland system in a DA42. Diamond Aircraft has been working on this system since 2012 and it is designed for emergency backup situations.  The autoland system is early in the concept phase; Diamond doesn’t have a date that it will be available. The Diamond DA42 also has been used…


Destinations Provincetown: Flying to Cape Cod in a DA40

Diamond DA40 to Provincetown One of our clients, Brandon Palmer flew his DA40 XLS to the cape – Orange County Airport KMGJ to Provincetown Municipal Airport, KPVC.   LifeStyle Aviation loves sharing ways to enjoy the ‘aviation lifestyle.’  Recently, one of our clients flew his DA40 to Provincetown.  Provincetown is located at the very tip of Cape Cod…

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Video: N868US 2008 Diamond DA40

N868US – A beautiful 2008 Diamond DA40 XLS for Sale!  Enjoy Synthetic Vision, G1000 with WAAS IFR-GPS, GFC700 Autopilot, Safetaxi & Flitecharts Taws-b, and More! Click here to See the spec sheet   Lifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft.…