The LifeStyle Aviation Difference

When it comes time to sell your aircraft you are looking for the best return to you so you’ll need effective, economical and professional assistance make sure your interests are represented properly and the transaction goes smoothly.

Our Network has sold thousands of aircraft over time and we earn the trust of each seller and buyer one at a time.


When it’s time to trade in and upgrade your LifeStyle, we are here to make it a great experience.

The process of acquiring one’s first aircraft is always a big step. The process of moving to a “next-step aircraft” is in one regard easier and in another more difficult.

Though there are not the same unknowns as with the first purchase, there are many other significant considerations and details.   We help our customers determine their best choices and to properly consider how to manage the sale and purchase smoothly, maintain access to an aircraft, manage possible tax opportunities and ensure the values for incoming and outgoing aircraft. Our specialty is helping our client to determine the best timing of selling and ensure the process of acquisition and disposition runs smoothly.

Clients typically know they are ready to move to another aircraft, but rarely do they have experience with the aircraft they desire.  We help them in the exploration process to make sure, as we did with the first purchase, that all options are considered and the ideal next aircraft is selected.


Trades Welcome! We Buy Aircraft.

Our extensive sales network and inventory makes things possible that are not possible with other brokers. All these factors lead our clients to tell us that they enjoy having us as their “partner in the business” to recommend and manage the transitions of buying, selling, delivering and aiding with every transition.

Choice and Selection

Our broad selection of high performance aircraft provides something for every mission and taste including aircraft from


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The Power of the Network

The LifeStyle Aviation Network provides even more potential when it comes to helping our clients maximize the value of their current plane or trade. Also, we offer a unique brokerage or trade option with special rates for existing clients.


Leveraging the LifeStyle Difference

In the realm of helping clients transition and upgrade is where the power of the LifeStyle Network really shines. It helps in so many ways. It provides a ready market for the current aircraft while providing in stock options to facilitate a smooth transition. Our integrated acquisition service allow us to help a client create any desired outcome and do it in the most economical way.


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