DA40 Commuter

I use my DA40 to commute to my job which is 260 Miles away from where I live. It takes 4.5 hours to 8.5 hours depending on traffic to drive. It takes “door to door” from my home to my business desk only 2 and half hours via my plane. I’ve been commuting by air now for over 7 years. The value of this is my family gets to live where we want near family and I get to do the job I love and live where I want. My employer sees me in the office 5 days a week and I have dinner with my family the majority of nights. My aircraft is a time machine. The DA40 allows me to do it with confidence. Right now is a great time to learn to fly. There has never been an easier time to learn to fly or use aircraft due to our modern training and flight technology.