AmbassadorMy Diamond DA40 is fantastic.  The visibility is just outstanding and makes flying and travel so enjoyable. I fly friends up the Hudson River along the Skyline of New York City to wow them with the experience. The avionics are amazing and I enjoy showing people how the plane flies itself.  Its very economical and makes travel an easy and affordable thing to do. It’s great for weekend trips or weeklong adventures. I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, the Bahamas, Key West, Texas, Arizona and beyond.
It’s been truly great and has giving me a lifestyle of freedom and enjoyment I always wanted. The experience of learning to fly and buying the plane was a pleasure also. The team at LifeStyle made the whole process easy. I’d encourage anyone to consider the Diamond DA40 and would certainly recommend they work with LifeStyle Aviation. When they asked me to be an ambassador for our modern flying lifestyle, I welcomed the opportunity. If people that don’t fly knew how freeing and convenient it is to have a modern plane they would all want it!  I hope others will discover this fantastic lifestyle and life changing opportunity.