Gerry kaplan

Gerry Kaplan is our LIfeStyle Aircraft Counselor, Executive Training Specialist, and DiamondShare Owner and Representative centrally based in the Georgetown Delaware region. Gerry is a Flight Safety trained CFII that offers a unique level of service to our LIfeStyle clients. He provides turn-key access to modern aviation as a LifeStyle Aircraft Counselor.  He helps clients evaluate and acquire modern aircraft, put them to use instantly for pleasure and business all with integrated aircraft management, pilot services and personalized training solutions.  Gerry is a one man “Dream Center” helping our clients’ solve their travel needs for business and pleasure to create an Aviation LifeStyle quickly.  He is a proud DiamondShare owner and has enjoyed helping pilots get exposed to the wonders of the Diamond DA40 and the DiamondShare program for years. We appreciate the tremendous talent and enthusiasm Gerry brings to the team and especially his unique ability to help our clients to quickly enjoy and achieve the Aviation LifeStyle.