What Makes LifeStyle Aviation Different?

LifeStyle Aviation is unique; experience the difference.  We are a network team of like-minded professionals and companies with a passion for helping clients achieve their life’s dreams through personal ownership of modern aircraft.  Our network includes dedicated Dream Centers that offer modern training methods, tools and aircraft. We have worked for years to recruit and develop the finest flight centers in this growing network.

Because we offer a wide range of new and pre-owned LifeStyle Aircraft” to meet our clients needs, our sales process is different. We aren’t the “high pressure” sales rep that only has the new plane to sell.  Our approach is not to “Sell” but to “Help People Buy”.  We help our clients in the way that we would want to be helped and provide products that we ourselves would value in their particular situation.  Our goal is to develop LONG TERM relationships with each client where they have a great “first aviation experience” and then we support them in the future as they make transitions in each phase of their “pilot career”.

As a result we take a “counselor approach” to helping our Clients buy and we are with them for the long term. Our clients often tell us that they appreciate our approach and comment on how it is different from others they experience.

This Counselor Approach is what drives us to invest in unique programs like our DiamondShare program. We always seek to create new solutions that help more people enjoy modern aviation technology. We believe the future is bright for our approach because we have created not one, but multiple “leveraged ownership solutions” with sound economics for a broad spectrum of buyers.

We encourage each potential new buyer to take the time to review ALL Ownership and Access Options along with all Finance and Tax deferral opportunities. This is the secret to success…otherwise buyers often look only at the cash they have on hand and shop on the internet to determine the plane they “can afford”. Many times by doing this they completely miss the vast potential and lifestyle impact of enjoying the advantages of a plane designed and built in this century and instead, find themselves investing in a 30-40 year old aircraft.  They simply are not aware of all the options.  We bring perspective of many options.

Our “Pooled Inventory” network of professional aircraft sales organizations creates efficiencies in the aircraft sales arena not seen before. The concept is quite simple and resembles the foundation on which the real estate industry was built. Each of our network member companies place their aircraft inventory into the LifeStyleAircraft.com pool and then the aircraft is available for any of the professionals in the various regions to offer, sell and deliver. This provides each professional with the access to a larger inventory.  For our sellers it provides a “high touch”, efficient and very powerful machine for maximizing their marketing reach and sale potential.

What Makes Us Different – Summary

  • We believe most people don’t yet know the life changing potential offered through modern aviation
  • We endeavor to help people experience and understand this potential
  • We sell a wide range of new and pre-owned modern “LifeStyle” aircraft that change peoples’ lives
  • We only offer quality aircraft that we would want to own ourselves
  • We use a “Counselor Approach” to “Help People Buy”
  • We focus on educating our clients (not “selling”) to be knowledgeable buyers
  • We help guide, encourage and support student pilots and support them to acquire aircraft early in the process
  • We help our clients transition from plane to plane as their aviation lifestyle develops
  • We provide a “Turn-Key” buying experience and delivery including financing, insurance, delivery, training and more
  • We have unique ownership solutions that change the economics of ownership completely
  • We offer a unique “membership” access to modern aircraft
  • Our network of “Dream Centers” provides access to modern flight training aircraft, tools and methods
  • Our network of professionals and aircraft companies create a large “pooled inventory” of modern aircraft
  • Our network includes service and support after the sale in many locations
  • Our network is here to help each client succeed

Whether its learning to fly, gaining access to one of our innovative ownership options or acquiring your own aircraft we have the ability to create your ideal experience. Due to our unique approach many of our aircraft are sold before they are ever advertised on the open market. Our success to help our clients depends on developing a relationship of trust and collaboration so we can bring them that ideal plane before it reaches the market in many cases.

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