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Do you have 2017 Flying Resolutions?

Share your Flying Related 2017 Resolutions with us so we can encourage and support you and we’ll send you a FLY sticker. This Year I Resolve to:   ____ 1.  I will fly more this year… at least _______ hours ____ 2.  I will learn to fly and get my Private Certificate ____ 3.  I will…


A New Love Affair

A New Love Affair By John Armstrong, Founder of LifeStyle Aviation   For almost 10 years I have been married to my beloved Diamond DA40. It was love at first flight and the years have been filled with romance, adventure, fun and amazing economical utility. The flights to Maine, Outer Banks, the Bahamas many times,…

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“Fly Green” and Save 20% to 50%!

Would you like to save a $1.00 on every gallon so you could fly more and help the environment too? Pilots are always looking for ways to make their flying more justifiable and economical. We wanted to take a moment and shine the light on two paths that can transform the economics of flight. The first…

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Avoid the risk and inconvenience of airline travel. New personal modern “Magic Carpet” creates “freedom break-through”

Let’s face it, airline travel is no fun anymore. In fact, it’s downright annoying.  All the security shenanigans, delays, layovers, crowded flights, change fees, snarly gate agents and limited destinations make the airliners something people just endure these days. Then comes the daily reports of terrorism which are enough to prompt any thoughtful frequent traveler to ask…

John Armstrong

Founder’s Forum: Aviation LifeStyle Q&A

by John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of LifeStyle Aviation We enjoy sharing our experiences with our clients and helping them to visualize what it will be like when they are enjoying aircraft like we enjoy aircraft…using them like cars to “go where they want when they want”. Every week we are assisting clients that are…