DA42 For Sale

Featured Aircraft: Remarkable Diamond DA42 TDI For Sale

 DA42 For Sale: Simply the BEST Equipped DA42 TDI Available.  New 2100 Hour TBR Engines with Warranty, Platinum Leather Interior, Long Range Tanks, TKS (FIKI), Oxygen, XM Weather, ADS-B, WAAS, Garmin GFC700 Auto Pilot with vNav, Synthetic Vision,  and More! A must see aircraft for serious DA42 buyers. LifeStyle aviation is proud to introduce…

First DA42-VI Full Color Paint Scheme

DA42-VI Full Color Paint Coming to US

LifeStyle Aviation was the first to bring a Diamond DA42-VI to the US market in 2013 (read about it here). Today their leadership continues. LifeStyle Aviation announced today they are importing the First Diamond DA42-VI with a full-color paint scheme. Prior to now all DA42s were painted exclusively white.  The reason for only white was…

Front Cover AOPA August 2013 DA42-VI

First DA42-VI Now Available

LifeStyle Aviation is pleased to offer a special aircraft to the market for sale… the original first DA42-VI that came to North America. LifeStyle Aviation brought the first DA42-VI to the North American market in 2013. It was all the rage and we were courted by all the prominent aviation magazines to be featured as their…


Flying to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2017

Are you going Flying to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2017?  Come see us! LifeStyle Aviation is staffing the Diamond Aircraft Stand at Oshkosh all week. We invite you to come meet with us and we’ll share all the exciting new developments. The amazing 7 place DA62, remarkable higher gross weight DA42-VI and the NEW higher gross weight DA40 NG will be on…

Diamond DA-42 VI

LifeStyle Aviation Network Expands Jet A Twin Training

The LifeStyle Aviation Network Expands Jet A Twin Training! It has been a busy time for LifeStyle Aviation.  The LifeStyle Aviation Network has expanded the availability of JetA twin diesel training in more locations  With the latest two DA42 additions to our Network Partners, there are now 7 LifeStyle Aviation Network locations with Diamond DA42…


NEW Garmin G1000 NXi Introduced

Comments from LifeStyle Aviation’s Founder, John Armstrong: What it must be like to be an Aviation Writer I wonder. Like my friend Steve Pope, edior of FLYING magazine. In one moment he is racing through the sky in the amazing Diamond DA62 before introduction and the next experiencing before anyone else the wonders of Garmin’s…

LifeStyle Aviation DA42 Atlantic Crossing

Strong Dollar Drives DA42 Atlantic Crossings

So, if you want to upgrade to a Diamond DA42 aircraft and get a great deal…Who do you call?   LifeStyle Aviation of course! That’s what one SR20 owner did when he was ready for his next level aircraft. “With the strength of the dollar we are finding excellent opportunities for our clients by leveraging…

LifeStyle Aviation N121TS arrives New Zealand acceptance

LifeStyle Delivers Another DA42 to New Zealand

LifeStyle Aviation sells aircraft world-wide. We have LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners is some far flung parts of the Globe. We have been partners with Larry Jooste and his team at Aeromotive in New Zealand for years now and have sent a dozen or more aircraft and now have delivered our second DA42. Many of the…


LifeStyle Offers DA42 Air Conditioning

DA42 Air Conditioning Summer was particularly hot this year. Blistering hot. Through it all we stayed COOL! Here at LifeStyle Aviation we were busy trying out an all new, all electric air conditioning system developed for the Diamond DA42. We liked it so much we are now pleased to begin offering it immediately as an upgrade…

fuel prices

“Fly Green” and Save 20% to 50%!

Would you like to save a $1.00 on every gallon so you could fly more and help the environment too? Pilots are always looking for ways to make their flying more justifiable and economical. We wanted to take a moment and shine the light on two paths that can transform the economics of flight. The first…

DA42 simulation

Flying the DA42 Simulation Video

The DA42 is an an all weather ultra safe, efficient personal traveling machine. We are enjoying flying the Diamond DA42 – N503TS we have for sale. It has a host of features including Synthetic Vision, TKS, Active Traffic, Jepp Geo Referenced Plates and the all New STC for Air Conditioning that works great. We happened upon a…

DA62 large front pilot side view flying

DA62 DiamondShare Now Available!

    DA62 DiamondShare Now Available! DiamondShare program expands to include the new Diamond DA62, DA40 NG and DA42-VI modern aircraft. Diamond DA62 The all New Diamond DA62  jet-fuel burning twin has been featured recently on most of the aviation magazine front covers and represents a truly remarkable leap forward in cabin size, luxury, performance, and economy.…


Diesel Engine TBR Raised to 2100 Hours

Continental Motors Group, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, today raised the TBR (time between replacement) of its Diesel CD-100 series engines to 2,100 hours. This lifetime increase affects all CD-135 and CD-155 engines manufactured since December 1st, 2015, incorporating revision status 2 design changes. The lifetime extension was possible due to several design improvements engineered in…

tsa line

Avoid the risk and inconvenience of airline travel. New personal modern “Magic Carpet” creates “freedom break-through”

Let’s face it, airline travel is no fun anymore. In fact, it’s downright annoying.  All the security shenanigans, delays, layovers, crowded flights, change fees, snarly gate agents and limited destinations make the airliners something people just endure these days. Then comes the daily reports of terrorism which are enough to prompt any thoughtful frequent traveler to ask…

LifeStyle Aviation Features AutoLand System Info

Video: Diamond Debuts Autoland System

Diamond Aircraft has demonstrated a fly-by-wire autoland system in a DA42. Diamond Aircraft has been working on this system since 2012 and it is designed for emergency backup situations.  The autoland system is early in the concept phase; Diamond doesn’t have a date that it will be available. The Diamond DA42 also has been used…

Aurora’s Unmanned Centaur Flight

Video: Aurora’s Unmanned Centaur Flight

Aurora’s Unmanned Centaur Flight Aurora Flight Services performed unmanned test flights with a Centaur in June 2015 in New York. Aurora Flight Sciences announced that from June 12-15, 2015 the company’s Centaur optionally piloted aircraft (OPA) flew multiple unmanned flights from Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York. The successful test flights were conducted in…

DA42 for sale

Video: The DA42-VI ultimate

Any one interested in a modern high utility aircraft should watch this extensive video that illustrates the unique capabilities of the Diamond DA42-VI.   Lifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that…

DA42 for Sale

Video: Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps

Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps   Lifestyle Aviation (LifeStyleAviation.com) is a US based aviation marketing organization that helps people achieve and enjoy an “Aviation LifeStyle” through modern personal aircraft. LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, aircraft brokers, affiliates and international partners to create a productive, pooled source for buying…

DA42 for sale

Video: DA42-VI…The Making of a Star

In May 2013 LifeStyle Aviation imported the first Diamond DA42-VI sold to the US. From the birthing of the aircraft in Austria, including the European Delivery Experience for the new owners Sue and Dave Passmore, to the ferry flight to the London Ontario plant for equipment additions, this plane was destined to be a star when…