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The LifeStyle Aviation Ambassador program.

Curious about the aviation lifestyle?  These experienced pilots and clients of LifeStyle Aviation can be a valuable resources for you.  They offer their experiences and encouragement as a “pay it forward” help to anyone considering becoming a pilot and using aircraft to change their lives.  Check out their stories below and feel free to reach out to them with questions.

  • LifeStyle Aviation Ambassador - Rod LuskWhen the folks at LIfeStyle Aviation asked me to be an Ambassador for aviation I was delighted to say Yes! Flying has been such a blessing and passion I'm happy to share with those considering getting involved. As I understand our role as Ambassadors its to be an experienced resource to folks that are considering getting involved in flying. I know I sure did appreciate talking with experienced folks when I got started so I think this is a great idea. Over the years I've own many aircraft and flown many places and I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I had not enjoyed those experiences or had the advantage of moving around the world in that way. I got the opportunity to fly gliders early in my flying career and for me I thought that was a lot of fun and certainly was a great training ground for basic pilot skills. It might explain why I've liked the Diamond line so much over the years too since they have long wings and really good glide characteristics for powered aircraft. I've lived in mid-west and currently live north of Denver. I've owned several DA40's and a DA42 so I can certainly provide experience on those aircraft among some others.  I'll be happy to share my experience, answer questions about learning to fly and being involved in using aircraft as a lifestyle, hobby or business tool. See this recent related post about Rod Lusk flying from North Carolina to Denver.        
    Rod Lusk – LifeStyle Aviation Ambassador
  • AmbassadorMy Diamond DA40 is fantastic.  The visibility is just outstanding and makes flying and travel so enjoyable. I fly friends up the Hudson River along the Skyline of New York City to wow them with the experience. The avionics are amazing and I enjoy showing people how the plane flies itself.  Its very economical and makes travel an easy and affordable thing to do. It's great for weekend trips or weeklong adventures. I've been to Martha's Vineyard, the Bahamas, Key West, Texas, Arizona and beyond. It's been truly great and has giving me a lifestyle of freedom and enjoyment I always wanted. The experience of learning to fly and buying the plane was a pleasure also. The team at LifeStyle made the whole process easy. I'd encourage anyone to consider the Diamond DA40 and would certainly recommend they work with LifeStyle Aviation. When they asked me to be an ambassador for our modern flying lifestyle, I welcomed the opportunity. If people that don't fly knew how freeing and convenient it is to have a modern plane they would all want it!  I hope others will discover this fantastic lifestyle and life changing opportunity.      
    LIfeStyle Aviation Ambassador – Cynthia in DE
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We believe it can be a great resource to talk with someone that’s “been there and done that”.

We encourage you to send a note to our ambassadors with your questions about flying, learning to fly, buying planes, owning planes, etc. Remember these folks are not sales people so they are not able to answer questions about specific planes for sale, pricing or such things, but can be an invaluable resource to those wanting to know more about how to achieve their dreams of creating an aviation lifestyle and actually using planes.

Planes for Sale

We see a future where lives are transformed and enriched through modern aviation – where people create lifestyles of freedom, productivity and possibilities. By empowering people to use the full potential of modern flight, they are able to contribute to the world in new and meaningful ways.

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