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We help people acquire safe, efficient high utility, modern aircraft so they can enjoy an aviation lifestyle. We offer the entire line of NEW Diamond Aircraft and a wide selection of used brands including: Cessna Cirrus, Piper, Mooney and more. Research the specs on aircraft you are interested in. SEE BELOW…

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Sole ownership, partnership, share, leaseback or rental…which is right for you?

Our aviation counselors will help you consider the economics of each option and help you achieve your goals in the most economical way. View all the access options now.

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Shop our extensive inventory of new and used aircraft for sale. You’ll also see listings for DiamondShare Owner and Member options in different locations. Please note that many of our aircraft are sold before they are listed through our “Private Placement” process. Make sure to always call us first to see what’s coming in next!

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What is a LifeStyle Aircraft?

A “LifeStyle Aircraft” is our term for a modern airplane that has the potential, through design and the convenience of modern technology, to provide safe, efficient and enjoyable personal mobility that is “life changing”.  Lifestyle Aviation is in the business of helping people transform their lives through personal aviation solutions and modern aircraft. We help each client enjoy a great aviation experience by leveraging our network of progressive training and service centers, extensive inventory of high quality, modern “LifeStyle Aircraft”, and offering innovative ownership and access solutions. 

We offer a wide selection of modern aircraft to meet our clients’ needs and stages of development. In our line up Diamond Aircraft line comes first. All “early stage” pilots and advanced discerning modern pilots should consider Diamond for their versatility, safety, speed, efficiency, and remarkable precision flying qualities. Diamond is the only modern aircraft manufacturer that covers all the bases from two place trainers to four place cruisers to high performance twins. Diamond led the way in advanced modern aviation technology, like FADEC controlled Diesel engines, Carbon Fiber airframes and stall-spin resistant wing designs, for over 20 years. The unprecedented track record of safety and success confirms “Diamonds are different”.  Gain a deeper understanding of the unique value of Diamond Aircraft by reading our “Why Diamond Summary


DA40 XLT or NG







As our pilots’ needs grow and their experience accumulates they find it may be time for a 6 place aircraft. Piper Aircraft leads in this category with their 6 place “air stair” cabin class aircraft. The Matrix provides a non-pressurized entry point while the Malibu/Mirage offers a pressurized option and the Meridian adds the ideal entry point into a pilot’s first turbine engine aircraft.

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Acclaim Type S

Ovation 3

Some pilots have a need or desire for speed due to their distance or missions. In these instances we introduce them to the speed king of the skies in the single engine category – Mooney Aircraft. We offer an extensive inventory of various Mooney models including the Ovation offering tremendous speed in a non-turbo platform and the  Acclaim providing the fastest turbo-charged piston in the sky.

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LIfeStyle Aviation offers other aircraft types as well as customized acquisition services for our clients.
Our goal is always to help our clients obtain the “right aircraft” in the most efficient and economical way.

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