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2017 Diamond DA42-VI NEW DIAMOND DA42-VI WITH AUSTRO AE300 ENGINES 191 KTS! @ 16 GPH $739,800 Other

Half Price Diamond DA42-VI! December 2016 Delivery!

2015 Diamond DA42-VI DiamondShare Special Situation: This 2015 DA42-VI is available for 1/2 share purchase at select bases on the East Coast. This is NOT an Order Position but is a real plane ready for immediate delivery for less than half price of a New DA42-VI. You will be a 50% owner in the aircraft. If you are looking for the best possible arrangement to own half a Diamond DA42-VI call now. This plane includes the 220 lb weight increase and is a fast heavy hauler that sips Jet-A ideal for personal and business use. Call For Price Other

2017 DiamondShare New DA42-VI NTBD

2017 Diamond DA42-VI 2016 DiamondShare NEW DA42-VI Call For Price Other