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About The LifeStyle Aircraft Network

LifeStyle Aircraft is a unique and highly productive "network resource" for buyers and sellers of modern general aviation aircraft. LifeStyle Aircraft is similar to a Multiple Listing Service in real estate. By combining the specialization in modern general aviation aircraft with a broad network of modern flight training centers, referral agents and highly experienced and knowledgeable aircraft brokers across the country, LifeStyle Aircraft provides the airplane shopper a valuable resource for finding the ideal plane for your needs.

The LifeStyle Aircraft Network helps buyers work with a local broker or referral agent they trust to find the ideal plane while helping brokers expose their listings to an entire network of agents nationwide. Its a win-win way of doing business.


Features for our Users and Buyers

  • Only aircraft that meet our definition as modern "Life Style Aircraft" will be listed on this site
  • LIfeStyle Aircraft is a network of qualified and knowledgeable aircraft sales organizations that specialize in modern aircraft
  • Our network of modern flight training centers offer training in modern aircraft with online tools and glass panel simulators
  • You'll find a broad selection of inventory from such companies as Cirrus, Diamond, Columbia, Cessna, Mooney, Piper, etc.
  • LifeStyle Aircraft users can register and save searches and recieve notifications of new additions that meet search criteria
  • Users can share listings with a friend quickly
  • Easy to use searches and online photos
  • Quick contact form to inquire about an aircraft
  • Online financing calculators to plan your budget
  • Search by model, make, year or any key word
  • Resources for Insurance and Financing for your aircraft

Features for our Brokers 

  • LifeStyle Aircraft is a brokerage network open to qualified aircraft sales organizations
  • There are no fees for listing / advertising
  • You agree to the the terms of the network sales commissions and you'll only have a fee if your listing is sold. 
  • As a LifeStyle Aircraft Network Partner you'll be able to offer and sell any listing on the site for an agent commission
  • Listing your inventory is quick and easy
  • With the LifeStyle Aircraft network you can expand your marketing coverage for your clients to include personal representation by qualified agents nationwide and world-wide
  • You'll sell your listings more quickly with less effort
  • You'll have a larger inventory to sell from so you'll be able to help your client find the ideal aircraft for them
  • LifeStyle Aircraft won't drain your profits...you only pay a commission if your an agent brings you a sale for one of your listings
  • Add the inventory to your site in minutes
  • Online contact forms get leads directly to you
  • The LifeStyle Aircraft Network means more inventory to help you satisfy your clients

Features for Our Sellers 

  • LifeStyle Aircraft offers maximum exposure, top grade marketing and top grade professional represenation
  • Sellers receive the full power of our multi-site advertising on top paid and free sites.
  • Though advertising is one important piece of the process, with the LifeStyle Aircraft Network you expand your marketing coverage to include personal representation by qualified agents nationwide and world-wide
  • Unllke working with a "single point broker", its like hiring a small army of sales reps to represent your plane
  • Our professionals are in the field exhibiting at events, doing demo flights, supporting flight centers and servicing their customers that may be ready for their next aircraft. This expensive ongoing activity drives the demand engine enjoyed by our sellers
  • We pay referral fees to our flight center partners and referral agents to bring in leads and prospects so we are organically building prospects for your plane long before you decided to sell!
  • Our extensive exposure, organic demand development and professional representation means the best possible outcomes
  • Each transaction includes professional Escrow services
  • We handle all the contract paperwork, negotiations, deposits, log reviews, inspection oversight, demonstrations, marketing, market valuations, financing, insurance, trades, logistics, training, ownership questions like tax advantages, sales taxes, cost of ownership, maintenance questions and much more. Aircraft sales is a time consuming process and we handle it all for you!
  • We offer trades which often times is what makes the sale possible
  • Delivery, training, financing and insurance area all offered turn-key
  • We are experts at international sales and delivery offering turn-key quotes for aircraft delivered to our international buyers
  • Exposure to the international market can mean high price potential to our sellers
  • We have helped hundreds of buyers acquire their aircraft and our reputation is our most valuable asset
  • We know your time is valuable so our special way of offering "operative and airworthy aircraft" results in deals being completed instead of wasting your time with "buyers' wanting to "inspect" your plane and then make low ball "offers".  
  • The members in our network are the top authorities in their fields with expertise and credibility that comes only from years of experience and results.
  • Its all about trust. We earn the trust of our buyers and our sellers each day by conducting business ethically and honestly.  

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