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The All New Diamond DA62 is Now FAA Certified.

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Diamond Aircraft Now Available with ADS-B 

 Foreword by John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of LifeStyle Aviation

As more and more of our clients have been calling to ask about their ADS-B upgrade path we’ve been handing out “patience pills” encouraging our G1000 clients to wait to see what other developments come along before the 2020 mandate deadline. We’ve been awaiting new developments we could not talk about. 

We are very pleased to announce the wait is over for our Diamond clients. Your ADS-B upgrade path has arrived and its very exciting. Diamond today announced collaboration with Garmin to roll out the GTX-345 series of ADS-B transponders that offers a feature rich ADS-B In and Out solution for all Diamond aircraft versions. This approach will provide more than just compliance for a good price but include viable dual band traffic and weather display features. The company is making the new transponders and Garmin’s Electronic Stability & Protection System (ESP) standard on all new 2016 DA40 XLT aircraft and the full line of planes. This is a tremendously exciting development for us as we have been hoping for this for several years. The GTX 345 is a new Garmin product that is just being released and as of today is not even in the hands of the avionics shops yet. Stay tuned for availability, installation pricing and further announcements from LifeStyle Aviation soon.  We will be offering our used Diamond Aircraft with this new equipment and helping our clients access this technology upgrade as it becomes available in the field.  

For more information contact a LifeStyle Aviation Counselor at 406-FLY-1NOW or email to sales@lifestyleaviation.com

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