Our Vision

We see a future where lives are transformed and enriched through modern aviation – where people create lifestyles of freedom, productivity and possibilities. By empowering people to use the full potential of modern flight, they are able to contribute to the world in new and meaningful ways.

Our Purpose

We are in the business of helping people discover, select and use modern aviation and its technology to create effortless, effective personal mobility which empowers them to achieve life goals and transforms how they live, work, play and contribute to the world.

Our Process

We don’t “sell”… we help our clients “Buy”. We help our clients achieve their life and LifeStyle Goals by using a unique counselor oriented approach to coach and support our customers through the buying process. We operate with respect and integrity with all customers, prospective clients, employees, contractors,  partners, suppliers and competitors.

Our Team

John Armstrong

John Armstrong

Founder and CEO
John’s adventures in aviation began as a teenager flying his Dad’s J-3 Cub off a grass strip. His passion for flying today is stronger than ever. John began LifeStyle Aviation to transform the aviation industry – one customer at a time. His unique approach to working with customers helps them identify which aircraft is best suited to meet their personal and professional goals. LifeStyle provides the largest selection of the fastest, safest, most modern aircraft in the industry along with an extensive listing of late model, pre-owned aircraft. Whether it’s new or pre-owned, he helps clients determine the best airplane for their specific need and orchestrates a great aviation experience.

Experience and Accomplishments
  • Over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and sales training
  • Multi-engine, Commercial, Instrument, Sea-Plane rated pilot with over 2000 hours flying experience
  • Co-founder of Dominion Aircraft Sales (which became LifeStyle Aviation)
  • Provided aviation marketing & promotional services for North Carolina’s Wright Brothers Centennial of Flight celebration in 2003
  • Long time member of AOPA and EAA
  • Co-Founder, Board Member and past President of Bahamas Habitat, an international christian mission flying charity organization
  • Top Selling Distributor for Diamond Aircraft
  • Designer of the innovative DiamondShare program
  • Developer of the LifeStyle Aviation Network
  • Creator of the LifeStyle Aviation Flight Center Development Program
  • Publisher of LifeStyleFlyer.com (aka GlassPilot.com)
  • Married with two sons and resides in Raleigh NC
  • Loves personal modern flying plus boating, hiking, scuba diving, and adventures of all types.

Dick Filbey, CFII, MEII

Director of Client Services

Before Dick joined our team he was in charge of the development and flight department of Aurora Flight Sciences in Manassas VA. There he oversaw the implementation and application of multiple Diamond DA42 Multi-purpose Platform (MPP) Aircraft. He has numerous Atlantic crossings bringing the aircraft over from Europe. He also oversaw the development and testing of the auto-land system the company developed for the DA42 that was used to create the optionally piloted option of the plane. Dick brings a vast experience to our team and to our clients that always helps them to have a great experience.

David Passmore

David Passmore, CFII, MEII

Regional Sales- Aviation Counselor – Diamond Specialist
Dave is a Diamond Specialist for the LifeStyle Network offering a highly experience professional consultative approach to helping our clients select and acquire their aircraft. He came by this title the old fashioned way…he earned it. Dave Passmore became interested in aircraft at the age of 8 and spent a lot of time with his Dad at the airport! He learned to fly in a Diamond DA20 then he and his wife acquired a DA40. He went on to earn all his ratings of CFI, CFI-I, MEI, CMEL and CSEL. Dave acquired the first to be imported to the US, Diamond DA42-VI, and made his first Atlantic crossing in the plane on the ferry flight home. He resides in the DC area and is based at the Leesburg VA airport. Dave is a vast resource of information and experience with modern aviation technology including diesel engine technology.

Experience and Accomplishments
  • BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
  • Computer network/telecom industry analyst & consultant for Fortune 500 companies
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Land and Single Engine Land pilot with Instrument Airplane rating
  • 900+ hours PIC time since learning to fly in 2008
  • Ratings: CFI, CFI-I, MEI, CMEL and CSEL
  • Current owner of Diamond DA42-VI “TwinStar” aircraft and previously owned a Diamond Star DA40 XLS
  • Volunteer Docent at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington Dulles airport
Todd Cameron

Todd Cameron, CFII, MEII

Regional Sales – Aviation Counselor

Todd Cameron is a successful businessman in Rochester that has been providing avid support to the aviation community for many years as flight instructor, CAP Wing Commander, Mission Pilot, FAA Safety Representative, and operations manager of the local aviation museum. Todd is a highly accomplished Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) that focuses on modern training methods and professional level training results. Todd is co-founder of OnCore Aviation the area’s leading provider of modern flight training. Todd joins the LifeStyle Aviation Team as an Aviation Counselor responsible for regional sales in the upstate New York area. 

Gerry kaplan

Gerry Kaplan, CFII

Regional Sales – Aviation Counselor – Executive Trainer – DiamondShare Representative

Gerry Kaplan is our LIfeStyle Aircraft Counselor, Executive Training Specialist, and DiamondShare Owner and Representative centrally based in the Georgetown Delaware region. Gerry is a Flight Safety trained CFII that offers a unique level of service to our LIfeStyle clients. He provides turn-key access to modern aviation as a LifeStyle Aircraft Counselor.  He helps clients acquire modern aircraft and put them to use instantly for pleasure and business with integrated aircraft management, pilot services and personalized training solutions.  Gerry is a one man “Dream Center” helping our clients’ solve their travel needs for business and pleasure to create their own Aviation LifeStyle quickly.  He is a proud DiamondShare owner and has enjoyed helping pilots get exposed to the wonders of the Diamond DA40 and the DiamondShare program for years. We appreciate the talent and enthusiasm Gerry brings to the team and his ability to help our clients to quickly achieve the Aviation LifeStyle.

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partner - Chandler

Chandler Knop

LifeStyle Aviation Network Agent

Chandler is our western US based network agent that brings a unique experience and skill set to the team. A Commercial pilot that owns a fleet of Diamond Aircraft that his company leases to partner flight schools, Chandler has developed an extensive experience in modern aircraft and the flight training business.

caroline head shot

Caroline Coltrane

Office Manager

Caroline wears many hats supporting sales, marketing, client services and aircraft deliveries. You’ll find Caroline to be efficient, energetic and very helpful. She is a student pilot and loves being around airplanes. She is delighted to be a LifeStyle Aviation Team Member. She manages our RDU office and she might be the first person you meet when you call in to our company. She brings to her role years of business administration experience in multiple industries. Caroline is our newest member of the team and her photo will be updated soon.

Glenn Lawler

Glenn Lawler

Maintenance Technical Advisor

Glenn’s experience as the Diamond Aircraft Technical Field rep for over 15 years gave him the ultimate experience that allows him to offer helpful answers and recommendations to most all situations. Glenn goes beyond the call of duty to support our network and share his expertise. Glenn loves to provide complex composite repair whenever one of our planes needs significant repair. He operates a full service Diamond Service Center, SouthTec Aviation.

MM headshot ASAE no glasses without footer

Mary-Margaret Armstrong, CAE, CMP

Events Manager

Mary-Margaret brings an organizational talent to the team that is a real asset. Her career includes years as an executive in the association world and meeting and event planning industry.

Mitch Loiselle

Mitch Loiselle

Finance Specialist

Mitch is our trusted finance specialist that helps our clients obtain the best available financing options. Mitch has many years of experience and provides exceptional service to our clients. Mitch’s aviation passion is hot air ballooning and is an accomplished balloon pilot.

steve merritt

Steve Merritt, CFII, MEII

Delivery Specialist

Steve is a highly accomplished aviator and certified flight instructor with over 5000 flight hours in an extremely wide range of aircraft types. Steve is co-founder of Bahamas Habitat and has flown many over water missions in the Caribbean to the Bahamas and Haiti.  Steve specializes in providing aircraft deliveries, intensive training, mentor orientations and complex aircraft checkouts in modern aircraft. Clients in need of specialized training and mentor time for insurance purposes as they step up between types will appreciate Steve’s unique experience and skills. Steve has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things related to flying and aviation and clients learn much more than just flying technique when working with Steve.

Terry Britt

Terry Britt

Insurance Specialist

Terry is our very knowledgeable and trusted insurance specialist.

LifeStyle Aviation Network

LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners are our Dream Centers

LifeStyle Aviation has taken a very unique approach to the market of modern personal flight. Over the years we have recruited and built the most forward looking modern oriented network of flight centers in the country. Today we have over 20 LifeStyle Aviation Network Partners as part of our Dream Team. The goal of this Network is to provide at the local level consumers access to modern aircraft, modern flight training and innovative access solutiions to help people learn to fly and enjoy the freedom modern aviation brings to life.

lifestyle network

Diamond Planes

Membership and Affiliation

Support our Industry Partners
LifeStyle Aviation is a member of AOPA, EAA and NBAA. We support these vibrant aviation organization and encourage all parties interested in aviation to do the same. Their voice matters to help insure our freedoms as citizens that fly.

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